• Free Spotify Playlist Submission Spotify Playlist Submission gives independent artists a free way to submit their music to Spotify playlists. Artists do not need an account to submit. ________________________________ Indie … Continue reading Spotify Playlist Submission The post Spotify Playlist Submission appeared first on Virmedius.
  • London based singer, producer, and multi instrumentalist Noe Solange not only has a memorable name, but makes a living releasing memorable songs. Noe draws musical inspiration from her Dutch-Indonesian heritage … Continue reading Noe Solange – Stream Free The post Noe Solange – Stream Free appeared first on Virmedius.
  • Submit your music to our Country Music Playlists Free _______________________________ Indie Music Marketing Free Spotify Country Music PlayFree Spotify Playlist Country Music Submission. Country Playlist Curators accepting music submissions. Cruisin … Continue reading Free Country Music Playlist Submission The post Free Country Music Playlist Submission appeared first on Virmedius.
  • Although the idea of found footage movies predates The Blair Witch Project, it was in 1999 that the found footage technique was popularized. Adults and teens filled the seats of … Continue reading Found Footage Movies The post Found Footage Movies appeared first on Virmedius.
  • Submit to our Lofi Playlist Free Best Lofi Playlist, submit to our lofi playlist free. Submit more music on our Free Playlist Submission page. Patiotic, Ramon Sanz, Lofitic, DreamBetter, Mehrab … Continue reading Best Lofi Playlist The post Best Lofi Playlist appeared first on Virmedius.
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